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Dave Finish 2024.jpg

RAAM 2024

RAAM Solo Male Age 50-59 Champion
Top American Finisher (6th Time)
4th Place Overall

3065 Miles
9 Days, 19 Hours, 11 Minutes
13.02 mph Average Speed
15.0 mph Moving Speed
31 Hours, 13 Minutes total off the bike

Dave's 2024 Race Across America was not without it's challenges, but it has to be marked as a success.

Dave finished within .18 mph of the record time in the 50-59 age group currently held by friend and badass Marco Baloh.

This year marked the 20th anniversary of Dave's first attempt at RAAM, and to say that he and the crew have learned a few things is a gross understatement.  Dave rode better than ever through the desert Southwest despite record heat as his crew kept him safe and on the bike for the historically most difficult part of the race for Dave.

Dave also had tremendous support from all of his Sponsors.  It cannot be emphasized enough how much time and money goes into the RAAM, not just for the 9 days of the race, but weeks and months preparing and planning.  Thank you to all the folks who sponsored time stations, landmarks, hotels for the crew, filling the tanks, daily sponsors and Dave's corporate sponsors:  Sargento Cheese, PhotoFax, Inc., Standard Process Supplements, and Attitude Sports.

You can also see all the folks that support Dave on his
Sponsors Page.  Please give a high five to the people and support the businesses that support Dave.

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$250-500 SPONSOR opportunites

$1000 SPONSOR opportunities

Jack Gresmer shot videos from the road all throughout RAAM.  Keep checking back for updates and new videos.

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